Product features

Our value: collect and exploit all urban data

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Dedicated and structure data mart

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Data completion and update processes

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Smart Data with specific analytic Module

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Business Specific Modules (Risk Management, Roads, Urban Profiles)

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Available 24X7 using State of the art SaaS platform

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Automated data backup

Intelligent Land Use algorithms

Dynamic projection of inhabitants using all urban indicators (area exclusion, housing types, density, surface area, etc.) Demographic trends scenario.


Demographic trends scenario.

Urban Proof classification covering all city topics


Over 100 urban elements immediately available: school, hospital, road, sewerage, urban green spaces, plot, housing, etc.).

And more than 300 indicators directly impacting urban policy (school enrolment rates, demographic indicators, PLU, cost of garbage collection, etc.).

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Measuring Risks in an Urban Environment


Monitoring environmental and industrial risks (landslide, flooding, rising water levels). Historical risks handliong (mapping, population, infrastructure and impacts listing)

Projection of risks and associated impacts Prevention plan, risk forecast.


3 clicks away from Smart City Data


Inventory report

Extract and generate reports using cross-urban data (Graph / heatmap, etc.)




Business indicators


urban thematics


urban profiles

Use case


Unique for City Executives

  • Mastering urban data sets groung for modern digital governance
  • Available performance indicators to support priority and investment decisions
  • Refine demographic evolution area by area
  • 3 clicks away from comprehensive reports

A comprehensive and modern tool for urban planners

  • A digital opportunities to enhance your studies. All the urban data collected and aggregated will gives a dynamic and original vision of your ideas and displays
  • Work at the data scale Whatever the level you need (urban area, cities, neighbourhood) or the precision of urban elements, your studies will serve as a digital asset for your client

Adapted to all city staff members

  • No more misplaced and scattered data: wexity gathers all geographical and non-geographical data (health, sewerage, roads, waste, water system, population, school, land, etc.)
  • While guaranteeing control over your data (security, backup and user rights), Wexity enables collaboration between the all city services
  • Intuitive handling by Wexity enables to rely on your existing teams (without recruiting experts!)

Financeers, Donors, NGO’s: capitalize on sustainable investment

  • What is the lifespan of a study at the time of urban hypergrowth ?
    The second benefits of studies are data. How can it be fully exploited by operational staff? Wexity is the first sustainable solution dedicated to urban data. Require from urban planners to capitalize all collected data as a new city asset.
  • Local and existing skills are key for the long run city management The value of studies is also measured through usage. How much local teams use collected data over time. Wexity embeds non-obscolescence process for local city staff in a really simple and accessible tool.


Gathering Urban Planning and Digital solutions


Digital City Management Platform By 2050,1 billion Africans will live in cities. Quality of life will depend upon public policies and how cities develop. Today, most cities are looking for solutions to manage this tremendous growth. Urban strategies and Policies are determined on the basis of information, often scattered, obsolete or non-existent. As a result, cities are often data-blind.

Our ambition is to “”restore sight”” for these cities.

Digital solution Wexity allows precise analyze of the existing situation, plan investments, understand the impacts of growth forecasts, predict and measure climate risk as well as industrial risks, and much more. Wexity connects urban data silos to set ground and support of urban policy makers. The web platform enables collection, management and analysis of data associated with a territory (roads, waste, drinking water, inhabitants, land policy, risks, etc.), whether information is quantitative or qualitative. Based on the latest SaaS technologies, economical, designed for all types of users, Wexity wants to break with the expert solutions of the market.
The platform wil remain open to local and international ecosystem by developing complementary applications.

Finally, Wexity is also innovating by helping small and medium-sized cities, accounting for 75% of this coming urban growth. Impact of the solution is to better manage and control urban growth, optimize investments and expenses for the inhabitants, and boost local RH skills using modern and simple digital tools.

A propos UK

Our team

Alain Perrot du Vernay

Director of Business Development and Partner

Alain Perrot du Vernay brings his 20 years of experience and expertise in software strategy to the B2B world. Formerly Sales Director of Nominations and previously Marketing Director at Vector Plus, Alain joined Wexity to develop sales in the French-speaking world, recommend Wexity to international funders and identify potential business partners

Guillaume Josse

Scientific Director, Inventor and Co-Founder

Guillaume Josse heads Groupe Huit (1.7M€ turnover, 12 consultants, 49 countries), a consulting firm specialising in municipal and urban development in Southern countries. Guillaume, the first, imagines to model the management of an urban territory to provide knowledge and solutions to help decision making. Guillaume will bring his experience (150 missions in more than 40 countries), his local and international institutional network and his expertise as an urban planner to imagine the functionalities that Wexity will bring to its catalogue

Carine Salaun


Carine Salaun integrates Wexity into the continuity of a 15-year career in the Digital world (content management, digital customer solutions, business process digitization). Previously Director of Vector Plus Programs, she joined the co-founders to direct the strategy and implementation of Products. It guides the proper implementation of products

Matthieu Saudubray

President and Co-Founder

Matthieu Saudubray co-founded Wexity in June 2017. After 15 years in telecoms (product development and customer relations), he took on interim management assignments for 4 years in Europe and Africa, then managed Vector Plus Operations before becoming Managing Director (commercial data software solutions). As principal shareholder of Wexity, he will be responsible for managing and trading in the Anglo-Saxon zones

Sylvère Abbad


After having been CTO of Vecteur Plus, publisher of a service platform based on web APIs (design, testing and hosting), Sylvère Abbad has built up a solid expertise in the development of innovative solutions in Cloud architectures. Passionate about products and technologies, Sylvère puts his talent at the service of the Wexity platform, to ensure its architecture, development, interoperability and conduct various R&D missions.